Sing the extraordinary lyrical repertoire, but not only, accompanied by a Vera Grande Orchestra.

Always with you!

Sing where and when you want.

Access a repertoire of over 700 titles.

Cancel your subscription free of charge and whenever you want.

Frequent questions
Cantolopera is a subscription streaming service that offers the opportunity to sing the extraordinary Opera repertoire, but not only, accompanied by a Real Great Orchestra through a wide range of Internet-connected devices. You can study and practice anytime and anywhere. Your Orchestra always with you! Join millions of professional and amateur Opera Singers around the world with no limits and no commercial interruption.
What CANTOLOPERA offers :
A repertoire of over 700 titles divided by "vocal chord" in the interpretation of professional singers and the performance of a Real Great Orchestra, the Compagnia d`Opera Italiana conducted by Maestro Antonello Gotta. Choose your vocal chord and you will have "simultaneously" and in one file the "sung reference" version as an example and guide, and the "Orchestral Backing Track" version for study and practice. Also in the same file you will have the song/piano score and lyrics to manually scroll through as you wish.
The CANTOLOPERA repertoire :
The repertoire is very rich and consists of Opera Arias and Romances, Duets, Sacred Arias, Ancient Arias, Rare Arias and Art Songs; also Traditional Neapolitan and Ever-Green Songs. Also available are two complete Operas, Madama Butterfly and Rigoletto, which can be enjoyed in different versions without one or more of the protagonists voices. Create your own playlists and organize the repertoire according to your needs. (Vedi commenti nella versione italiana)
How does CANTOLOPERA work? :
Simply access the Web App www.cantolopera.comfrom any browser from smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops or other Internet-connected streaming devices. The larger the size of the screen you use, the more usable and intelligible the view of the song/piano score and text will be. The zoom functionality in smaller devices will be of great benefit for better viewing and enjoyment of graphic content. We recommend the use of headphones or earphones and microphone for optimal sound result.
How to subscribe to CANTOLOPERA:
Subscribing and creating a Cantolopera account is easy! Depending on your platform, follow the steps below: https://cantolopera. com/register Once you subscribe to Cantolopera, you will be charged the scheduled fee each month on the day that corresponds to the date of registration. There are no cancellation penalties or other commitments of any kind. You are free to change plans or, if you decide Cantolopera is not for you, cancel online at any time. If you do not subscribe to Cantolopera you will still be able to partially listen to the entire catalog for up to 30" per recording and without the ability to fully view the song/piano score and text.
Price list CANTOLOPERA :
Use Cantolopera on smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, laptops or streaming devices, all for a fixed monthly fee of €19.00 or annual fee of €190.00. The subscription cost is per vocal chord and includes V.A.T. at 22%. No additional cost and no contract.
How to cancel your CANTOLOPERA subscription:
Cantolopera is definitely flexible. No pesky contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your contract online with two clicks. No penalties: activate, cancel or reactivate your account at any time.
I cannot access CANTOLOPERA :
Check if you have a stable Internet connection. If you are unable to access your Cantolopera account check that your email and password are correct. If you display the wrong password message or have forgotten your password, you need to change it.
The licensing of CANTOLOPERA orchestral backing tracks:
In addition to using our orchestral backing tracks privately through the subscription streaming service, Cantolopera makes its recordings available to users through licensing for specific uses: auditions and competitions, talent shows, record productions, social networks, and public performances. Audio files will be provided in different qualities depending on the chosen uses (MP3 320 Kbts - WAV or AIFF 44.1 Kbts). To purchase our licenses click on the following link: questo link dovrà essere attivo solo a conclusion del rifacimento del sito). For audio/video advertising synchronizations, film, TV, educational or other uses please send an email to: